IT systems and infrastructures

IT systems and infrastructures

Telis is your trusted partner for the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of your IT infrastructures. From the design of a datacenter or computer room to the outsourcing of your workstations and mobile devices, Telis provides long-term, effective support to help its customers achieve their objectives.

The challenges of the digital transition for businesses

Datacenter and computer rooms

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Energy savings compared with a conventional computer room
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Availability of your IT infrastructure 24/7/365
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IaaS solutions and cloud hosting


CAPEX investment for your infrastructure VMs
Flexible. Infrastructure can be modified on request
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Servers and service appliances

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Acceleration of requests with our full flash storage arrays
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Growth in the security appliance market in 2022
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Systems outsourcing
and workstations

Secure, managed IT infrastructures
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Workstations installed and maintained in operational and safety conditions
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monitored 24/7/365 on all our infrastructures
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Preventive maintenance operations planned every month using supervision.
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Data centers and computer rooms

Telis builds modern, eco-responsible data centers using EcoStruxure technologies from our partner Schneider Electric. IT hosting and data centre solutions that combine power, cooling, management and security. We also provide access control, alarms, supervision and video surveillance for your data centers.

Our data centre and computer room construction services

  • Hyperconverged infrastructure
  • 24/7/365 supervision
  • Alert management
  • Access log application

The benefits of our data centre and computer room solutions

  • Pooling your IT resources
  • Eco-design for an energy-efficient data center
  • Innovative cooling systems
  • Very high availability
  • Physical security, video surveillance and access control
  • Fire detection and non-polluting extinguishing system

MonacoDatacenter : More than 10 years without service interruption

The Principality's 1st Green Datacenter

Since 2013, the telis group has been offering you the services of MonacoDATACENTER®, the 1st green datacenter in Monaco.

With an exceptional availability rate, our data centre is located in a secure building that complies with earthquake-resistant standards and is equipped with a free-cooling system using seawater.

Permanent supervision combined with ultra-secure connectivity make MonacoDATACENTER® a veritable data vault in the Principality.

1st data center in the Principality to be ISO27001 and HDS certified

The ISO 27001 standard enables companies and public authorities to obtain certification attesting to the effective implementation of an information security management system.

The HDS standard enables companies and public authorities to obtain certification attesting that security requirements have been taken into account in the management of a data centre used to host health data.

Maintenance without service interruption and very high availability

MonacoDATACENTER® offers optimum continuity of service thanks to 24/7 infrastructure supervision with alarm reporting. Telis teams are ready to intervene 24/7 to guarantee 99.997% availability. Since the service opened in 2013, we have been guaranteeing 100% availability of our data centre.

IaaS, cloud hosting and virtual machines

Give your users the resources and applications they need without constraints!
Take advantage of secure hosting at MonacoDATACENTER or Monaco Cloud.

With our IaaS offering hosted at the MonacoDatacenter, you can freely create and manage your virtual machines, with no hypervisor restrictions. Define your infrastructure, public or private cloud, without constraints in a high-performance secure space including security by design services.

As an integrator partner of Monaco Cloud, Telis can also help you install your infrastructure in Monaco’s sovereign cloud.

Our IaaS, Cloud and VM hosting services at MonacoDatacenter

  • Free creation of your virtual machines
  • Choice of free hypervisor
  • VM access control
  • Safety by design
  • 7-day backup service, extendable to 30 days
  • Supervision service included
  • MCO and MCS of your VMs included

Our IaaS, Cloud and VM hosting services at Monaco Cloud

  • Creation of your virtual machines by our teams
  • VM access control
  • Optional redundancy
  • Optional object storage
  • Optional MCO and MCS for your VMs
  • Optional supervision of your infrastructure
Bureaux wifi

The benefits of our IaaS, Cloud and VM hosting services

  • No capex investment, pay-as-you-go
  • Hosting at MonacoDatacenter or Monaco Cloud
  • MCO and MCS included with MonacoDatacenter
  • Supervision included with MonacoDatacenter
  • Redundancy possible on a 2nd site in Monaco
  • Can be operated by Telis teams as an option

Additional benefits available

  • Infrastructure design adapted to the platform
  • Possibility of private VPN link
  • Possibilité d'Installation des services et applications
  • Exploitation des infrastructures cloud

Servers and appliances

Telis offers a complete range of servers and appliances for your IT infrastructures, for direct sale or rental. We also offer installation, configuration, operation and maintenance services for all our equipment.

Our partners by type of server or appliance

  • Computer servers
  • IaaS and Cloud
  • OS and Systems
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Firewall
  • EDR
  • SIEM
  • Bastion
  • Other...
  • Full flash storage arrays
  • Mechanical storage bays
  • NAS storage
  • NAS
  • Backup Cloud
  • Rainbow
  • Webex meetings
  • MS Teams

Why choose Telis for your servers and appliances?

  • Taking charge of purchasing management
  • Storage of emergency equipment
  • Testing and modelling the solution before on-site installation
  • On-site delivery and installation
  • Possibility of supervision, MCO and MCS
  • Manufacturer's warranty management


IT tools and data are at the heart of your business. They are essential to the production of added value. Entrust the operation of your IT resources to our experts, keep your IT budget under control and benefit from secure, controlled business solutions tailored to your needs and budget. Save time and stay focused on your business objectives.


Telis is your organisation’s long-term IT partner. Our teams of experts manage all our customers’ IT resources to provide them with a functional, high-performance and secure workspace.

For each new project, our engineers work with the decision-makers to find the best financial compromises to provide employees with a working environment that is adapted to their jobs.

Telis offers an optional 24/7/365 on-call service for those who work every day of the week, day and night.

Features and services of our outsourcing packages

  • Gestion d’infrastructure IT
  • Gestion des réseaux
  • Workstation management
  • Mobile fleet management

The benefits of outsourcing for organisations

  • IT budget under control
  • Performance guarantee
  • 24/7/365 service availability
  • Supervision of your equipment included
  • MCO and MCS included
  • User assistance and support included


Telis teams monitor the vital signs of your IT environment 24/7/365 via various probes connected to a data processing system configured to your needs. Our solution can be installed in SaaS or on premise mode. Monthly reports will be delivered to you to report on events that have taken place or maintenance actions that need to be planned.

Some of the things we supervise

Physical or virtual hardware
  • Machine status (on or off)
  • Update status
  • Machine operating times
  • Presence of hard disks
  • Network activity
  • Online availability
  • Final machine reset
  • Open / closed network ports
Physical environment
  • Energy consumption of the bay
  • Charging the inverter
  • Air conditioning
  • Smoke detection
  • Security camera events
  • Berry temperature
  • Temperature in the room
  • Hydrométrie / Hygrométrie

The benefits of supervision

  • Enables preventive maintenance of equipment
  • Monitoring updates
  • Fault detection and alarm triggering
  • Incident management / BCP
  • Real-time activity monitoring
  • Infrastructure optimisation
  • Detection of suspicious events
  • Monitoring the IT physical environment

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